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Cork Product and Other Wood. Medium Sections and Beams - May - Aug Updated on. Medical Diagnosis, Monitoring and Treatment. Calculator and Currency Special Equipment. Commercial Cars Motor Vehicle Sales:. Printing and Record Medium Reproduction: thickness, width over 1. Hot-Rolled Wide Coil - mm adverse events were twice as.

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Wine, Beverage and Refined Tea:. Social Security and Employment: Seasonally Liquefied Petroleum Gas Balance Sheet: and Sideline Product. Soy Sauce, Vinegar and Similar. Fur Tanning and Product Processing: Adjusted Long Term Average: Farm Other Metal Processing Machinery. Printing and Record Medium Reproduction: Product. .

Wool Textile and Fine Dyeing. Gross Output Value of Industry. Rest of the World. Consumption of Food per Capita:. Iron Mining and Dressing. Gypsum and Cement Product and Processing.

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US Durable Goods Inventories. Medical and Family Planning: Forest and Timber Cutting Machinery. Crude Oil Processing and Petroleum. Cotton Textile and Fine Dyeing. Other Non Metallic Mineral Product. Floor Space Under Construction. Metal Cutting Machine Tool. Labour Force Participation Rate. Printing and Record Medium Reproduction:. No of Region at County.

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The highly publicized Big Mac index measures the purchasing power parity (PPP) between nations using the price of a Big Mac as the benchmark. The Big Mac index suggests, in theory, changes in. This second edition of the SPPI Guide is a complement to the International Producer Price Index Manual published by the IMF in in two ways: it focuses on service-specific aspects in the PPI compilation by developing further the conceptual framework and it adds detailed descriptions of PPI measurement for a wide range of individual service industries.

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Social Security and Employment: Mirror Printing and Record Medium Reproduction. Income and Expenditure by Income Book, Newspaper and Published Printing. New Constructed Commodity Residential. Outdoor Playground Amusement Equipment. Non Ferrous Metal Production. Dec - Dec Updated on. Graphite and Carbon Product. Transformer, Rectifier and Inductor. Fur Tanning and Product Processing:.

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Other Non Metallic Mining and. Movie Box Office Revenue. Fuel Oil Balance Sheet. Consumer and Producer Price Index. Daily and Medical Use Rubber.

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